Talks on this CD
Israel is still God's people by John Roberts  
48 minutes
Christadelphians: The difference is the Bible by John Roberts  
42 min
What is the Spirit? by Jonathan Burke  
63 min
Framework of Prophecy Forum by Roger Lewis  
74 min
Understanding Repentance by Robin Lamplough  
41 min
Understanding Forgiveness by Robin Lamplough  
38 min
What does it mean to be born again? by Gordon Hunnings  
49 min
The Judgement Seat of Christ by Michael Ashton  
46 min
The Authority of the Bible by Gordon Hunnings  
47 min
The Sacrifice of Christ by Gordon Hunnings  
45 min
The Fellowship with Father and Son by Fred Pearce  
63 min
The Day the Devil Died by Gordon Hunnings  
44 min
What will happen on Resurrection Day? by Harry Tennant  
64 min
The First Principles - part 1 by Peter King  
46 min
The First Principles - part 2 by Peter King  
58 min
Evolution Challenged by the Bible by Trevor Maher  
51 min
Is Salvation Conditional or for Everyone? by Bob Lloyd  
52 min
The Hopefulness of the Truth by Dennis Gillett  
28 min
The World's Need of Salvation by Gordon Hunnings  
49 min

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