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Bible Study - Study Steps - Interpretation

Bible Study: Interpretation


Interpretion goes a step further from observation and helps you understand what the passages really mean. You need to recognise that you are coming to bible study with a set of beliefs and options. We all need to let God's word speak for itself and make sure that what we believe is what the bible says.

The Context

Its important as we read the Scriptures that we consider each portion in light of:

the surrounding verses
the book
the whole Scriptures

Never take a portion of Scripture out of its context to make it say what you want it to say!

Scripture Never Contradicts Scripture

• The Bible took over 1600 years to write.
• It was written by kings and ordinary people, doctor and fishermen, princes and shepherds, poets and labourers, rich and poor, educated and unlearned.
• It has 66 books; 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament.
• All the writers combine to give us one complete story - the story of God's purpose with men.
• Though they were divided by class, time, country and disposition, there is wonderful harmony in all that they wrote.
• As these servants of God were all different types of people, so their writings were designed to be relevant to all.

Don't base Convictions on Obscure Passages

Don't base major convictions on isolated passages that are difficult to understand.

Understand Different Scripture Literary Styles

Psalms - Poetic
Proverbs - Proverbial
Matthew - Biographical
Acts - Historical
Romans - Teaching
1 Timothy - Epistle or Letter
Revelation - Prophetic


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