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An on-line Bible Study program presented by Christadelphians.

The Holy Bible

This program has been especially developed to
enable you work at improving your skill

in Bible reading quietly from your own home.

How does the program work?

  • It consists of eight Studies that cover the areas mentioned below (and more). You are invited to obtain the files for each Study one at a time, work through the material presented and respond to the questions provided at the end of each Study. One of the tutors in the program will then respond to your answers. If you like, you can go from one Study to the next without forwarding the answers. We'd really like to hear from you though.
  • There is no time frame for the program but we suggest that you work through one Study each week. This will help to keep you focussed on the issues.

How do I get the files?

  • Access the first HTML file by going to the First Study Page. Work through the Study and then complete and submit the Answer Form. If you would prefer, you can simply send an email with the answers included. Files can be opened in any browser that reads HTML files (e.g. IE or Netscape). There are eight Studies in this format and three Appendices. The email address for response is:

Here's what you will learn ...

  • Who wrote the Bible -- where did it come from?
  • How to remove the "mystery" which many religions cast about the Bible .
  • How to use cross-references .
  • How to learn more in less time with effective study tools.
  • How to get past the sometimes difficult language used in the Bible.
  • History and chronology (the order of events) in the Bible.


  • Tips to letting the Bible interpret the Bible.
  • How to read carefully (e.g. Adam and Eve did not eat an apple).
  • How to overcome boredom when reading.
  • Prove for yourself the Bible is not a work of fiction.
  • When an understanding of Greek and Hebrew can help and why it is not essential to Bible understanding.
  • How did so many interpretations of the Bible develop?
  • What does the title "Christ" mean (and loads of other definitions to make Bible reading easier)?
  • Why quoting a simple scripture is dangerous (and how to keep passages in context).
  • Who are the Jews? Why are they so important in the Bible?

And ... much more!

Why participate?

  • Make your Bible study more productive with less time. You will understand more and know where to look to keep it moving at an enjoyable pace.
  • If you claim to believe in God, you are obligated to understand His plan for us.
  • Take advantage of a legitimate opportunity to break free from television.
  • Quit at any time. If you ever find the program inadequate, you may quit with no strings attached.
  • Learn and fine-tune skills which will allow you to read the Bible with a better understanding than before. Many people desire to learn more but initial frustration discourages and hinders progress.
  • We will only communicate with you at your request.
  • Your email address will not be provided to anyone.
  • There is no charge for participation.

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