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Bible Books Summary

Session 8: Section 1

The purpose of God revealed

In this section we are going to look at the real purpose of God in creating the earth and the human race. One clue is given in Isaiahís prophecy:

Open Bible

Read Isaiah 45 v 18

Another clue is given in the last book of the Bible:

Open Bible

Look at Revelation 4 v 11

The book of Numbers gives us more information:

Open Bible

Read Numbers 14 v 21

If you have marginal references, this verse in Numbers sends us looking at other passages giving the same idea:

Open Bible

Look at Psalm 72 v 19
Habakkuk 2 v 14

From these verses you learn that:

a) God created the world to be inhabited

b) The inhabitants were created as part of Godís purpose, or "will", and

c) That purpose involves filling the earth with His glory.

You could ask, "What does filling the earth with God's glory mean?"

Applying the principles we learnt in the "Concordances" section (Session 5 Section 1), we look up "glory" and see that the word "glory" in the last three references mentioned above come from the Hebrew word "kabod". We also notice in the list of references in the concordance:

Exodus 33 v 18 Ė "And he (Moses) said, Please, show me Your glory"

Could this reference help in telling what "the glory" is?

Open Bible

Read Exodus 33 v 18 to 34 v 8

If you look at this passage carefully you learn:

a) Godís Name, Glory and Goodness are interchangeable expressions (v 18 Ė 22).

b) Godís Name is His character or attributes. This character is a perfect blend of "mercy" and "truth". That is to say, that God is merciful, but He cannot alter His standpoint. This is the foundation principle of all Godís dealings revealed in the Bible.

Watch out for "echoes" of the principle. We will look a little more at this idea later.

You have learnt that it is Godís plan to fill the earth with His mercy without compromising His principles. What a contrast with how things are now! There are several word pictures given of what this will involve.

Open Bible

Look at Psalm 72
Isaiah 2

Notice how the human race will eventually live up to Godís standards. People will obey God and acknowledge that He knows best.

Optional Assignment 10

The character, purpose and glory of God

Look at the references we have mentioned and write down in your own words what they are saying about Godís character, purpose and glory. If you have a Bible with crossĖreferences, look up the crossĖreferences and write down where they lead you and what you learn from them.

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