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Bible Books Summary

Session 12: Section 1

Terminology (Part 4)

In this final terminology section, we want to look at one or two more words that are sometimes misunderstood. They are mainly words used in the Authorised Version. If you use a modern translation you may not come across some of them.

Precept - commandment, an order or charge.

Open Bible

Read Psalm 119 v 4, 15,
Mark 10 v 5

Statute - A commandment, law or ordinance.

Open Bible

Read Exodus 15 v 25, 26
Deuteronomy 4 v 1, 5, 6, 8

Sabbath - The word means "rest"; it refers to the seventh day of the Jewish week which was set apart for rest and worship.

Open Bible

Read Exodus 20 v 11
Leviticus 23 v 3
Jeremiah 17 v 21 and 22

Tongue - In addition to the physical tongue, this word is also used to mean "language".

Open Bible

Read Genesis 10 v 5, 20, 31
Luke 1 v 64, Acts 2 v 11

Saint - A person set apart. Usually referring to those who obey God as opposed to those who donít.

Open Bible

Read Psalm 37 v 28
Acts 9 v 41
Romans 15 v 26

Satan - A Chaldean word carried across to Hebrew and Greek; literally an opponent, adversary, hater or accuser. The same original word is translated "adversary" or transliterated "satan" in different Bible passages.

Open Bible

Read 1 Kings 5 v 4,
11 v 14 & 23,
Matthew 16 v 23

Devil Ė The Greek words daimon and daimonion are translated "devil" in the King James Version of the New Testament. These words are translated "demon" in most modern translations. This is the word used to describe the state of people who have what we would now recognise as mental illness or neurological diseases such as epilepsy.

Open Bible

Read Luke 9 v 42 and
Mark 5 v 15

The other word translated "devil" in most translations of the New Testament is the Greek word diabolos, which means "prone to slander, slanderous or accusing falsely". It is often used of people and is sometimes translated "slanderer" or "false accuser".

Open Bible

Read John 6 v 70,
2 Timothy 3 v 3,
Titus 2 v 3

In many passages in the Bible the word diabolos is used to symbolise all that is opposed to God.

Lucifer - A title given to the King of Babylon in the prophecy of Isaiah.

Open Bible

Read Isaiah 14 v 4 to 12

Gentile - Originally a term meaning "nations". In a wider sense it is a term used to mean any non-Jewish person.

Open Bible

Read Romans 2 v 10

Angel - A messenger, or one sent from God.

Open Bible

Read Luke 1 v 26

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