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Bible Books Summary

Session 10: Section 1

The Place of the Jews in Godís Plan

When reading the Bible, you cannot help but see that the Bible is not only the plan of God for the human race and this earth, but that it also follows the history of a special people, the Jews. It outlines their birth as a people and nation, and follows their development. It explains the establishment of the nation under David and Solomon. It follows their steady decline and turning away from God, resulting in their removal from the land. It also contains prophecies about their regathering to the land of Israel and their future turning to God at the coming of Christ.

Who are the Jews?

1. The Jews can be considered to be the people, or descendants, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Open Bible

Read Genesis 12 v 1

Here you read that Abram (later called Abraham) is called by God.

Open Bible

Read Genesis 12 v 1 to 7
and 13 v 14 to 17

He was promised descendants and was told that he would inherit the land.

Open Bible

Read Genesis 15 v 1 to 21

God made a covenant with Abraham.

Open Bible

Read Genesis 26 v 1 to 5
and 28 v 13

God repeated the promises to Isaac and Jacob.

Open Bible

Read Genesis 32 v 24 to 32

Jacobís name was changed to Israel, which means "Prince with God".

2. The Jews can also be thought of as the nation chosen by God:

Open Bible

Read Exodus 1 v 1 to 14
and 3 v 7 to 10

God delivered the people from the land of Egypt under Moses.

Open Bible

Read Deuteronomy 7 v 6 to 8
Exodus 19 v 3 to 6

God chose the nation of Israel to be His special people.

What is the Law of Moses?

The Law of Moses consists of the commandments and laws given by God to the nation of Israel while they were at Mount Sinai. This law was recorded in the second half of Exodus and all of Leviticus. It consists not only of the Ten Commandments, but also of many other instructions for the people, some of which you have looked at already in Session 7 Section 2.

The Law of Moses established:

  • An Order of Worship
    The Jews were given guidance as to how to worship God acceptably.
  • A Means of Government
    The law also contained regulations for controlling the nation.

What happened to the Jewish people?

The Bible records the failings of the nation of Israel. It follows their history through:

  • Wilderness wanderings
  • Period of the Judges
  • Glory and decline during the period of the Kings
  • Appearance of Christ, his crucifixion and his resurrection.

The Bible also predicted these events:

  • Israelís removal from the land (which took place in AD 70).
  • Their scattering and persecution (which lasted for 1900 years).
  • Their regathering to the land of Israel (which has happened over the last 100 years).

Have the Jews a future?

Open Bible

Read Romans 11 v 1

The apostle Paul clearly tells us that God has not forgotten the Jews.

Open Bible

Read Acts 26 v 6, 7
and 28 v 20

Paul also believed that the promises to Israel are still an important part of Godís purpose.

There are many prophecies concerning Israel. Some of these have been fulfilled recently, with the re-establishment of the nation of Israel in the Promised Land. Godís purpose will continue with Israel until they accept Him again.

Optional Assignment 13

Read through Romans 11 and write down the basic argument in the chapter. Then have a look at Jeremiah 31 verses 31 to 40 and write down what that section is telling us. Have a look at the cross-references in both sections, if you have them, and write down what you learn from them.

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