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The Bible
Jesus Christ - The Saviour
Jesus Christ - His Resurrection
Jesus Christ - His Ascension
Jesus Christ - His Return to Earth
Jesus Christ - The Future King
The Kingdom of God
The Gospel
Resurrection, Judgement and Eternal Life
The Holy Spirit
The Angels
Sin, Satan and the Devil
Devils and Unclean Spirits
The Way to Eternal Life
The Christian Life
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The only way to become a true Christian is to believe and be baptised into Christ. (See Galatians 3:27). But before we can be baptised we must understand the teaching of the Bible and believe it. (See Acts 8:12). This booklet is to help you do this.
How to Use this Booklet

(1) Do not try to rush your preparation for baptism. Many people need to study the Bible for at least a year or two before they understand it well enough to be baptised. If you have already been studying the Bible for a long time, you may be able to work through this booklet within a few months.

(2) Work hard at your Bible study. It is worth making a big effort, because eternal life is a big prize. Be prepared to spend at least half an hour a day - every day - reading the Bible and thinking about what you have read.

(3) Take one question at a time. Read the question and the answer. Then turn up the Bible passages quoted in the answer. If you are sure that you understand these, and that you agree with the answer, then you can turn to the next question.

(4) Perhaps you will not understand some of the Bible passages, or perhaps you will not agree with some of the answers given. If so, please ask your Christadelphian Bible teacher about them. He is always ready to help you.

(5) If possible, try to study the Bible in company with other people. You will be able to help each other, and will make faster progress that way.

(6) As well as working through this booklet, you should read one or more chapters of the Bible each day. The best way to do this is by following the daily programme of readings given in another booklet, The Bible Companion. You can obtain a copy from any Christadelphian meeting or from the publishers of this booklet.

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