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Calling Card

Methods: Public Lectures, Bill Distribution, Advertising, Posters & Banners, Correspondence Courses, Seminars, Classes, Books, Pamphlets & Leaflets, Websites, Calling Cards, Media Discs & Tapes, House Calls, Phone Calls, By example, Penpals, Public Debates, Sunday School, etc.
Public Lectures

Ensure that your friends and co-workers are aware of the starting times of talks and the address of your meeting hall.
Always arrive promptly for the lecture so that you are there to welcome any visitors.
Dress neatly and be courteous to guests.

Bill Distribution
Each ecclesia should have a programme of bill distribution in their area. Form an enthusiastic group and make this an enjoyable event with discussion and refreshments afterwards.
It is now possible to advertise on the internet with ease, using message boards, forums, chat rooms, directory listings, etc.
Posters & Banners
Special efforts should always be accompanied by a special advertising effort.
Correspondence Courses

The following courses are available to interested friends:
22 lesson Basic Course
40 lesson Intermediate Course

12 lesson Advanced Course
Anyone interested can find the contact details at the following page...
CBM Country List

These are extremely beneficial but require a great deal of planning and forethought. The choice of the right venue and correct timing of the talks is vital to a seminar's success.
The support of members is important so that friendships can be built.
Follow-up classes must be offered to maintain contact.
It is advisable to form a class once there are a number of interested friends as there will be questions asked which may have been left unanswered. Be aware of all your ecclesia's activities and invite friends and associates to attend whenever appropriate. Always make them feel welcome.

If a person shows interest after receiving pamphlets, the next step is to provide them with more indepth reading material.
Possible suggestions:
1. The Christadelphians: What they believe and preach by Bro. Harry Tennant
3. The New Life by Bro. John Marshall

Remember not all people have access to a computer.

Pamphlets & Leaflets
There is great stock of pamphlets available, all very well written. Please distribute a few of these each month.
Pamphlets can now be ordered over the internet for free. Go here.

Create your own website. Servers which will host your site are...
Remember to add your site to the Christadelphian webring once your site is complete.

Calling Cards
Make sure the people to whom you preach are able to contact you again. Click on Calling Cards on the menu for a selection of cards.
Media Discs & Tapes
Recorded talks are an effective aid to preaching.
House Calls
Keep your visits short and precise and confirm your times before each visit. (and be punctual)
Encourage discussion and questions.
Interaction is important, as well as being compassionate.
Phone Calls
Contact with interested friends can be maintained by means of a simple phone call.
By example
Our behaviour should reflect quite clearly that we are not only followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, but sons and daughters of the one true God, and bear His name.
We should be caring people, caring for the property of others, caring for their feelings, and caring about the commitments we make.
Our language should not be sarcastic, vulgar, rude, violent or suggestive.
Useful references...
Phil 2v13-16, 1 Tim 2v9-11, 1 Tim 3v1-13, 2 Tim 2v24-26, Titus 1v5-9, Titus 2, 3v1-9, 1 Peter 2v9-25, 2 Peter 3v10-15.

It is now possible to contact people all around the world, instantly!
If you have internet, go to and type in 'penpals' and do a search. You can find a long list of sites which have libraries of names of people wanting to become penfriends, categorised by country.
Here is a good site...
If you only have e-mail or want to write to a penpal using airmail post, then e-mail me and I will supply you with names and addresses.
(specify country of preference).

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