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Prologue 1. The Pearl of Great Price - The Gospel 2. The Sower & The Word of God 3. The Lost Son - Repentance & Forgiveness 4. The Hidden Treasure - the Secrets of the Bible
5. Yeast - the Growth of a Good 6. The Pharisee & The Tax Collector - Prayer 7. Light & Salt - Parables of Influence 8. The Rich Man & Lazarus 9. Good & Bad Fish - The Day of Judgement
10. Wheat and Weeds 11. The Fig Tree & The Second Coming 12. The Mustard Seed & The Kingdom Age 13. Preparation for the Great Supper Epilogue
1. The Pearl of Great Price - The Gospel
It was once said that Jesus could be considered to be 'the greatest teacher of all time, not just because of what he said but the way in which he said it!'

He was a brilliant teacher, his stories or parables, have been remembered by millions for two thousand years and in hundreds of different languages. The parables are simple, yet memorable stories of everyday life. Stories which have been given meaning and significance. He transformed the daily routine into lessons for eternity He invested simple acts with priceless value. He provided unsurpassed narrative which can be re-told to people of all ages with a message which is crystal clear for all.

The parables described in this booklet have been selected and reported in order to provide a 'progression of understanding.' Beginning with the discovery of the 'Pearl of Great Price' and progressing to the 'Preparation for The Great Supper', the message is declared. The Gospel is heard, considered and acted upon in order to prepare for the Coming of Christ. In this way the reader is provided with structure and a development, yet in a form which can be read in small and interesting portions.

Each of the parables described, as well as being an interesting story or scene, carries a comment about an aspect of the teaching of Christ and contributes to the total message of salvation. After detailed comment about the parable, the opportunity has been taken to develop a few thoughts as suggested by the parable.

However, in order to obtain the full message of the parables in their original context, one has to open the pages of the Bible and read the words of Jesus for oneself.

It is the aim of this booklet that readers will be encouraged to read and study the 'Teaching of the Master' that the reader might find the 'Good News' by means of the 'Parables of Christ'.

Colin Edwards

Jeremy Brown (illustrations)

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Reproduced on behalf of the Christadelphian Bible Mission
1. The Pearl of Great Price - The Gospel
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