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While there are many conflicts taking place in the world today, the violence and hatred shown in the Middle East is of great concern to millions of people. There is little doubt that the vast resources of oil in Middle Eastern countries require oil-dependent nations to ensure that their access to that essential commodity is unhindered. Instability in the region can dramatically and quickly affect nations’ economies.

Continuing and current Middle East trouble was prophesied in the Bible some thousands of years ago. While these prophecies indicate that there will eventually be a long-term solution, in the short-term, conflict will continue and increase until the details of prophecies are fulfilled. The Bible tells us about the ‘latter day’ events that will result in the completion of God’s plan for the earth and the promise of life for those who believe in Him. This promise makes current world events very relevant for everyone.

These notes

· summarise the current situation;

· look at the geographical and historical issues relating to the current situation;

· provide Biblical information about the cause of the conflicts; and,

· draw attention to the way in which the region’s and the world’s problems will be solved.

Two important principles underlie the notes and the relating seminar.

· Christadelphians have no political affiliation or sympathy with any of the countries discussed. We try to observe and analyse events that happen. We do, however, accept the Biblical teaching that the people of Israel have been chosen by God.

· Observations and analyses are based on Biblical principles. We believe that the Bible is the final authority on what has happened and will happen in the Middle East, and in the world.

We trust that we can, with God’s guidance, lead you to a fuller understanding of these momentous world events, and share with you the wonderful hope of world and personal peace that God has promised to those who accept His principles. TOP


Study 1 - The Middle East Today

Focus – discussion of events of the 20th Century leading to the current situation

Current status
Some terms
Geography of the Middle East
20th Century History of the Middle East focussing on Israel

Study 2 - The Historical and Biblical Basis of the Conflict

Focus – Analysis of the cause of the conflict indicated in the Bible

Isaac and Ishmael
Jacob and Esau
Moab and Ammon
Other regions

Study 3 - Prophecies Leading to Modern Times

Focus – Discussion of prophecies describing events of the 20th century

God - and Israel’s future
The scattering of Israel
God’s chosen people
The return

Study 4 - Prophecies of the Future

Focus – OT and NT prophecies on coming battles, Christ’s return and the Kingdom

Invasion from the north
Peace and safety
The rôle of other nations
Israel – and Gentiles
The return of Jesus Christ
Personal relevance

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