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Credits (listed in no specific order)
Bre. Jonathan & Dave Burke ,
for various articles, overheads and other material.
Bro. Laurence Lepherd
for the Middle East Conflict Studies, and excellent Bibleweb site.
Bro. Rob Hyndman
for The Learn to Read the Bible Effectively studies, Introducing the Christadelphians, Story of the Bible, Times Chronology, Taking Control - a guide for youth, Books of the Bible Overview and the Way of Life book.
Sis. Leonie Verster
for formatting and correcting the OCR of the lengthy Scripture Study Circle Course.
Bro. Bob Lloyd
for the Minute Meditations book.
Bro. CharLES French
for the Middle East Update Notes
Sis. Ester Beires
for providing me with a set Intermediate course notes
Bro. Craig and Matthew Blewett
for the God's Master Plan book
Bro. Andrew McFarland & CIP Committee
Various useful information and pamphlets
Sis. Danielle Hinton & the Bedford Ecclesia
Study Notes, web links and other info
Bibleweb contributors
for The Bible and Life Notes
Bro. Laurence Cave
Read the Bible Course
for the Read the Bible Course, and Bible Books Summaries
Bro. Tony Benson & contributors to the Testimony magazine
Testimony Magazine website
for the Basic Bible Principle notes
The Gospel Publicity League
for The Truth About Series
The Christadelphian Bible Mission (CBM)
for the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Courses
The Christadelphian Office
for producing books on the Truth and promoting the spread of the Good News.
Bro. Andrew Walker and the C.S.S.U
CSSU Website
for the Sunday School Notes
Bro. Daniel Billington
for the Bible Magazine PDF files
Bro. Aleck Crawford
for his book 'The Spirit' a thorough study on its usage in the New Testament.
Bro. John Roberts
for his highly readable book 'The Bible, The Lord Jesus and You'
Bre. Colin Attridge, James H. Broughton & Peter J Southgate
for their well structure and comprehensive writings.
Bro. George Booker
for his book 'A New Creation' - a must read for all who are starting the journey to Zion.
Bro. David Whitehouse
for his excellent book on Bible Words
Christadelphian A.L.S.
for the Basic Bible Reading Planner
Writers of the pamphlets
(as noted at the end of each)
Various Lecturers
(as noted in the talks section) Your words are much needed & appreciated.
Sis. Marie Davis
for producing the midi files
Visible Earth Website
for the photos of space and the earth
Public Domain Photographers, Free stock photo & wallpaper sites
for the excellent nature photos
for the royalty free photos

I apologise to anyone whom I may have ommitted from this list.
All the contributions are much appreciated.
Apologies also for OCR scanning mistakes - some words or punctuations may be wrong.

A Note to Members
This disc contains electronic copies of books. These are to be used for studying, teaching and preaching. This format is perfect for missionary workers who need to travel light. Printed books however are far more useful than those in electronic format. One can make notes in the margins, they can be read outdoors or in the bus or whilst waiting for a meeting. Hard copy books are essential to quiet meditation. While electronic copies may have their use, they seem to be extremely deficient in the meditative thought department, which is why I strongly encourage you to buy books that you find especially useful or informative. Books can be obtained from the CSSS (AUS) , the Christadelphian Office (UK) , Logos (AUS) , Tidings (USA) and other printers. Please contact one of the above for a list of available literature.

General Note

This CD may contain writings that are contradictory or may seem unsupported. Our writings aren't infallible and mistakes can be made. We gladly welcome your questions and ask that you email your enquiries to...

Special Thanks
To Sis. Leonie Vester for the difficult work of formatting and correcting the SSC documents.
To Bro. Laurence Lepherd for making things happen down-under.

To Bro. David Fraser for constant encouragement.
To Bre. Jonathan & Dave Burke and Sis. Kay McGrath for encouragement, advice and help with Truth work. :)
To Bro. Richard Benson for his kind help with the link pages.

Special Note
This disc is entirely Free of Charge for all non-members.
All operations are non-profit and non-commercial.

"freely ye have received, freely give." Matthew 10v8

Final Note
Thanks be to our Creator, the true living God, for revealing His will and purpose to us through His beloved son, Jesus Christ, and for His love and patience towards us, who are but creatures of the dust. My grateful thanks to my Heavenly Father for providing this opportunity for me and for a loving family in Christ.

"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope
by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead
" 1 Peter 1v3

Disc compiled by Bro. Mark Smith . South Africa

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