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Skipping Discs :
Some Users may find that the cd is not being read smoothly, or there are noises coming from the cd-rom drive. There may be hanging, long periods of duration when there is no activity.

This problem can be caused by...
1. Scratches on the cd due to misuse
2. cd manufacture surface defects
4. Faulty cd-rom software drivers
5. old cd-rom drives
1. Return the disc for a replacement and treat cd's with care.
2. Return the disc for a replacement
4. Update your cd-rom drivers. Check the cd rom manufacturer's website.
5. Buy a new cd-rom drive or have it repaired.

Problem Free Browsing

It is highly recommended that you ...

1. Create a directory called Bible_Truth, and
2. copy the disc's contents to that directory
3. In future browse this disc's contents from that directory.

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