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Author – David and others
Time – 1450 – 700 B.C.

Summary – The Psalms are divided into five sections, each according to a specific classification. The Psalms are a form of Hebrew poetry, many of which were accompanied by music. The content of the Psalms includes prophecy of Christ, praise to God, and visions of the future Kingdom of God and its glory. David is named as author of approximately half of the Psalms. A handful of other men are responsible for about fifteen, while the remainder are unnamed.

Psalms 1 to 41 Section 1 Concerns man – Gives the advice of God to man
Psalms 42 to 72 Section 2 Concerns Israel – The advice of God to Israel
Psalms 73 to 89 Section 3 Concerns the sanctuary and the Law
Psalms 90 to 106 Section 4 Concerns Israel and the nations of the earth
Psalms 107 to 150 Section 5 Concerns God and His Word

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