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Author - Jeremiah
Time - 580 B.C.

Summary - Lamentation means "to express suffering". In this book, Jeremiah, who had witnessed the fall of Jerusalem and had himself been taken captive, but later released, expresses his sorrow regarding the fall of Jerusalem and the captivity of the nation at the hands of Nebuchadnezzarís army. The book describes and explains the afflictions brought against the city of Jerusalem as well as surrounding nations who scoff at Jerusalemís troubles. It emphasises that this is the result of divine judgement for the sins of the people. It also underlines the lessons that Jerusalem should learn from its troubles. The book also reflects the love and sorrow of God for the very people He is chastening.

The suffering, ruined city of Zion - Chapter 1 v 1 to 22
1 v 1 to 11 Wretched condition of devastated Jerusalem
1 v 12 to 22 Lament of the Daughter of Jerusalem

The suffering, ruined holy place of Zion - Chapter 2 v 1 to 22
2 v 1 to 10 Godís judgements on the ramparts and on His sanctuary
2 v 11 to 19 Lament of the eyewitness of this judgement
2 v 20 to 22 Terrors of this day of Godís anger

The suffering representative of smitten Zion - Chapter 3 v 1 to 66
3 v 1 to 18 The sorrows God sent His servant
3 v 19 to 42 The servantís prayer of reassurance
3 v 43 to 66 The servantís prayer for vindication

The suffering people of Zion - Chapter 4 v 1 to 22
4 v 1 to 11 Horrors of the siege, and the fate of Zionís nobility
4 v 12 to 20 Causes and climax of Zionís catastrophe
4 v 21 to 22 A prophecy against haughty and gloating Edom

Supplications of penitent Zion - Chapter 5 v 1 to 22
5 v 1 to 18 Zionís plea to God to regard her affliction and disgrace
5 v 19 to 22 A final address to God

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