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Author – Joel
Time – 618 – 608 B.C.

Summary – The book of Joel begins by describing a devastating swarm of locusts which cause national disaster to the agriculture of Israel. Joel calls the nation of Judah to a day of repentance due to the Divine judgement. The last portion of the book is concerned with events associated with the "Day of the Lord". The message is that if Judah repents, God will richly bless them and forgive them.

The locust plague is the harbinger of the Day of the Lord
– Chapter 1 v 2 to 2 v 17
1 v 2 to 20 A threefold calamity – locusts, drought, and fires
2 v 1 to 17 The scourge as the forerunner of the Judgement day

The averting of judgement and bestowal of blessings
– Chapter 2 v 18 to 3 v 21
2 v 18 to 27 The blessings in the immediate future
2 v 28 to 32 The outpouring of the divine spirit
3 v 1 to 16 Judgement upon the nations
3 v 17 to 21 The blessings on Godís people

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