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Author – Daniel
Time – 605 –535 B.C.

Summary – Daniel was of the royal line of Jewish kings, and, like Ezekiel, had been taken as a young man captive to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar. This is why he is found in the kingís palace. The book of Daniel predicts the destiny of two opposing powers: The Kingdom of Men and The Kingdom of God, stressing that "The Most High rules in the kingdom of men". Danielís prophecies generally do not deal with Israel as much as with the nations that control Israel. The book of Daniel contains prophecies that span the time from Danielís day until the coming Kingdom Age.

The universal sovereignty of God – As revealed through
personal experience – Chapter 1 v 1 to 6 v 28
1 v 1 to 21 Introduction – experiences of Daniel
2 v 1 to 49 Nebuchadnezzarís dream and interpretation
3 v 1 to 30 Nebuchadnezzarís pride – experience of Danielís three friends
4 v 1 to 37 Nebuchadnezzarís second dream and interpretation –his pride shaken
5 v 1 to 31 Pride of Belshazzar and his downfall
6 v 1 to 28 Danielís experience in the den of lions

The universal sovereignty of God – Prophetic revelation
– Chapter 7 v 1 to 12 v 13
7 v 1 to 28 Vision of the four beasts
8 v 1 to 27 Vision of the ram and he goat
9 v 1 to 19 Danielís prayer and confession
9 v 20 to 27 Prophecy of the coming Messiah
10 v 1 to 21 Danielís vision of the glory of God
11 v 1 to 45 Daniel shown in vision events leading up to the return of Christ
12 v 1 to 13 The vision continues with the resurrection and the Kingdom of God

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