The Message of Original Christianity

By Peter J Southgate

The strength of the case presented in these pages lies in the fact it contains a message drawn from the whole Bible. The unassailable fact emerging from such a study is that the Bible proclaims God's intention to send his Son back to the earth to set up the Kingdom of God.

The book has arisen out of the conviction that the Bible must be able to explain itself if ever we are going to understand its message. For this reason I make no apology for the literally hundreds of Bible quotations that appear, sometimes bridged by only a few words of explanation.

All I ask from my readers is a patient and; although I know this is much more difficult; impartial examination of the evidence.


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1 The Kingdom of the Bible
2 The Kingdom of God on Earth
3 The King of the Universe
4 The Textbook of the Kingdom
5 Preparing for the Kingdom
6 The Ruler of the Kingdom
7 The Kingdom Preached
8 The Kingdom Lost Sight of
9 The Kingdom Made Possible
10 Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God
11 The Coming of the King
12 Setting up the Kingdom
13 The Perfect Kingdom

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