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1. The daily reading of the Word
2. The breaking of bread
3. The treasure house of the Psalms
4. The Greatness and Nearness of God
5. The Judgment Seat of Christ
6. Christ's secret of success
7. Rest unto our souls
8. Burden bearers all
9. The risen Christ
10. Sleeping in Jesus
11. The book of Proverbs
12. A royal experiment
13. Mary's devotion and Christ's commendation
14. Christ - our example
15. Thy comforts delight my soul
16. King Lemuel's Acrostic
17. As a man thinketh in his heart - so is he
18. Things seen and unseen
19. Loving esteem for those who guide us
20. The infinite mercy of God
21. Presented faultless!
22. Patient waiting for Christ
23. Pressing toward the mark - a new year resolve
24. The compelling love of Christ
25. Thou art worthy, O Lord
Original Publication : Birmingham, The Christadelphian, 404 Shaftmoor Lane, Hall Green 28, 1948
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