A Declaration of the Truth   Preaching the Truth
A Short Bible Handbook   Preaching the Word
Biblical Fellowship by George Booker   Story of the Bible
Cry of the Prophets   The Apocalypse - a background study
God's New World   The Devil
God's Plan with Man   The Didache
God's Plan with Man   The Influence Of Gentile History On Christianity
Godspell   The Spirit by Aleck Crawford
God's Truth   The Things of the Kingdom and the Things of the Name by Rick O’Connor
God's Truth (separate chapters)   The Times - A Chronology of the Bible
Legalism and Faith   The Vital Message of the Revelation for Christ’s Servants Today
Making Prayer Powerful   What it means to be a Christian by Islip Collyer
66 Books part 1   The Bible Meaning of Soul
66 Books part 2   The Bible - Today and You
66 Books part 3   The Blood of Christ
Democracy - Its Influence upon the World and the Ecclesia   The Christadelphian Instructor
God's Plan with Man   The Devil
Humanism - The Subtle Delusion   Battle for the Mind - The Dangers of Humanism
Living the Truth   The Emphatic Diaglott
Notes on the Apocalypse   Vox Dei
Studies in the Statement of Faith      

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