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Here are some issues you might like to think about. Test the ideas by looking up the Bible passages. 
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Everyone strives for happiness. Yet, so often it is hard to find. This can be because many people are not quite certain what will make them happy. For some it is having enough food to eat. For others it is having a good job, while many people would be very happy just to have a job! For others still it is getting more money, more possessions and more prestige. And for some, happiness is having a good family that is well-adjusted. For many less fortunate people, happiness is just being well.

However, have you noticed that not everyone who gets their wishes stays happy? Often, happiness is only temporary. It doesn't seem long before people begin to lose their happiness and start searching for it again. For a lot of people, searching for happiness is a life-long but sometimes elusive pursuit.

What does the Bible say about happiness? Solomon, probably the wisest person who has lived on this earth (apart from Jesus) said, "Blessed (happy) is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding". Prov 3:13. It's very hard to dispute this isn't it? When we realise that we have made good decisions based on wisdom and understanding we certainly become happy.

Two other verses provide further perspective for us. Paul said "I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances". Philippians 4:11. So often unhappiness is brought about because we are never satisfied. Paul was undoubtedly happy because he accepted his problems as being part of his life. And the other verse was written by James. "As you know, we consider blessed (happy) those who have persevered. ... The Lord is full of compassion and mercy". James 5:11. In other words, happiness can come because we show the commitment to see a task through to its completion. Serving God continually is one such task that will result in long-term happiness.


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